PC Power and Cooling 1KW 1000W Power Supply

@ 2005/12/29
"As processor frequencies increase and users start to add in extra video cards, hard drives, and cooling, the demands on a computer's power supply rapidly increase. As system builders need more power, the amount provided by power supply manufacturers has exploded. As such, the average power supply has gotten a good deal more powerful and it is not out of the ordinary to see a system being built with a 500W, or more, PSU. While the norm has increased, so has the top range of power supplies. Higher end PSUs have gotten extremely powerful and now top out with the focus of this review, a kilowatt model. With a thousand watts continuous power avaible (1100W peak) this PSU is twice as powerful as a well-equipped unit. This review will be taking a look at PC Power and Cooling's Turbo-Cool 1KW. This is the first consumer-leve power supply to break the kilowatt mark. This is an incredible feat, but given this power supply's large price tag and all the hype surrounding it, we wanted to take a closer look and see what it could do when fired up."

Comment from jmke @ 2005/12/29
System used for test is nowhere near the limit; they should assemble a system which refuses to boot with anything less than that particular PSU (or close to it)

video card in SLI overclocked
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