Nero 7 Ultra Edition

@ 2005/12/28
Quote: “Let's face it, the majority of people who own a computer also burn CDs or DVDs in some fashion or another. There are many reasons to burn CDs, and there are many programs out there that can help you with that process. One of my all time favorite software suites is Nero, I have used it as long as I have owned a burner. Nero is pretty much world known for their software, and very much established as the leader in utilities for burning or creating CDs and DVDs. If you are like me then you have a few copies of Nero lying around that came packaged with the CD/DVD burners you have purchased, almost every burner bought today comes packaged with a short version of Nero, it works great but just doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the full featured version. Today for review I have Nero 7 Ultra Edition, the latest version from Nero AG. Honestly I've never owned the full version of Nero, I was always satisfied with the 'bundled' versions that came with my burners, and I never realized just what I was missing till now.”

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Comment from Sidney @ 2005/12/28
The MP4 is amazing for making DVD.