How to build a gingerbread computer

@ 2005/12/27
This year a new idea popped into my head when baking the annual ingerbread house. How about doing something fun and different? Thoughts swirled in my head for a moment and eventually formed a peculiar idea: “Why not build a gingerbread computer? No, get a hold of yourself. This is just too geeky; having computers as a hobby isn't enough but now you'll intrude on the traditional gingerbread house building.” I looked in the mirror for a moment and thought: "Has it really gone that far?" A fraction of a second passed before the answer came: “This is just too fun to miss out this challenge. Screw Christmas traditions and on with the computer “nerdiness”; let's build a gingerbread PC!”

Comment from kr15t0f @ 2005/12/28
nice, a gingerbread pc with SLI, how advanced.
Comment from DUR0N @ 2005/12/27
"In the next part of the gingerbread PC article we will bake a case, power supply, cd/dvd-player and a harddrive. We will also make the common cables found inside a pc. Stay tuned for the next part."

Comment from Gamer @ 2005/12/27

Comment from jmke @ 2005/12/27
just too funny