Underclocking and Overclocking in WindowsXP x64 Edition

@ 2005/12/24
" When one overclocks in the 32-bit world, we expect higher results. After all, a faster computer should lead to faster processing no matter the application, right? The next logical question is whether benchmarks would see similar results in a 64-bit computing environment? That's something we've been asking ourselves since the public release of the 64-bit Microsoft WindowsXP Professional x64 Edition operating system.."
REVIEW URL: http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleID=1825

The Underclocking Experiment

"We never know if the people actually buying the hardware care about its overclocking potential, but as computer journalists and enthusiasts, we know we have to test it out. This got us thinking though; what about under-clocking? Most modern processors and motherboards can just as easily run under a rated speed as it can run over... but is there a point to this? Well possibly."
Comment from jmke @ 2005/12/24
The first thing we noticed when testing in the 64-bit world was that the test system could not overclock as high as when it was using the 32-bit version of WindowsXP. With the 32-bit OS, the AMD Athlon64 4000+ processor could overclock as high as 2.72 GHz (Prime95 stable). When WindowsXP x64 Edition was installed, the system would only run stable at an overclocked speed of 2.64 GHz. We're not sure where the limitation is... perhaps 64-bit registers require something more stable than even Prime95 can detect.
and since there are no games/apps which gain ATM from 64-bit, it would not be wise to install Windows 64bit.. or is it?
Comment from jort @ 2005/12/24
its up again
Comment from jmke @ 2005/12/24
their quote is wrong :/
and their site is down
Comment from jort @ 2005/12/24
mhh i read double