Nvidia-ARM takeover a big win for Jensen Huang

@ 2020/09/16
Provided it's quarantined

Semiconductor analyst Malcolm Penn told Fudzilla today that if Nvidia plays its cards right with the ARM acquisition people would be thinking in 10 years' time what a bargain the $40 billion buy was.

Penn, CEO of UK analyst firm Future Horizons, said that Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang (pictured) no doubt took a considered look at the acquisition and the acquisition could seriously help its continuing move into the enterprise market.

Penn said that the hundreds of ARM licensees were likely to continue their businesses unharmed, provided that Nvidia kept this arm of the business at an arm's length, and protected the IP of the various licensees, preventing leakage of intellectual property and the like.

Speaking at a virtual half yearly conference, Penn also said that the semiconductor business was actually doing pretty well in these COVID-19 days. Trade wars and a recurrence of the pandemic does threaten that growth.

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