GeIL Copper Thermal Compound

@ 2005/12/22
We all know GeIL as a popular memory modules (RAM) manufacturer. GeIL sent us a small amount of their copper thermal compound. This tiny niche market is being dominated by Arctic Silver. Many large manufacturers fail to create high quality thermal compounds that can deal with the latest Arctic Silver products. Today, we are putting the GeIL copper thermal compound face to face against one of the best thermal compound solutions in the market. You’re right; it’s the Arctic Silver 5. We are going to find out about it pretty soon.

Comment from Rutar @ 2005/12/22
Cooling e-penis size! =P

oh well, at least AC buyers know now that they do not need to spend extra for As when having MX1 supplied
Comment from jmke @ 2005/12/22
I'm nearing completion of my HSF roudup, here's quote on MX1

As you can see in the photo below there are grooves from the CNC machine visible, the MX-1 paste allows for these grooves to fill up effectively and thus guarantee good thermal performance. I’ve swapped MX-1 and Arctic Lumiere but could not found any difference after 1 day of stress testing, the MX-1 however needs several days to “settle”, so in the end, you’ll be better of the with pre-applied thermal paste Arctic Cooling supplies.
now AC Lumiere was on par in tests, but both AS5/MX1 need several days to "settle" and I don't think in the end you'll be seeing any noticeable difference using a "real life" system; only on a CPU simulator platform with very accurate temp sensors you'll be able to spot the difference.

fact is that MX1 is more similar to Shin-Etsu G71, it's not easy to spread, but works better when the surfaces are not perfectly flat. AS5 works better on lapped heatsinks.

but when I say "better" I'm not talking about 3-5°C better.. but rather 0.5-1°C.

is this worth the extra cost? the trouble to do a reinstall of the HSF? IMHO no. You should stick with your thermal paste unless you are using a very cheap compound and want to see a 2-5°C temp drop, which will only ever be of use when you decide to overclock your system to the limit.

What's the difference when running your CPU at 58°C all day or 55°C?
Comment from Rutar @ 2005/12/22
a ***** to find the review now that every dam Freezer review mentiones the use of MX1 on it


30 google pages no luck
Comment from jmke @ 2005/12/22
Originally posted by Rutar
and performs slightly better than AS5

Comment from Rutar @ 2005/12/22
the didn't specify the break in time >-<

and there is also MX-1 on the market from AC, which is more available and performs slightly better than AS5