HIS X1800XT and XL

@ 2005/12/22
While Nvidia have been enjoying the success that is the 7800GTX and 7800GT, ATI were left with their older generation X800 series as their prime offering, and while the X800 was a quality series of chips (and still is), the power of Nvidia's latest efforts could not be ignored. If you were looking for a high end videocard in the past month or two, it would have been hard to deny Nvidia's 7800GTX. Much to the ATI fanbase's approval, however, it wasn't too long after that ATI finally let loose their latest series, that of course being the Radeon X1K series. Today, we check out two revisions from the X1K series, the X1800XT and X1800XL, from ATI vendor HIS.

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