[M] CORSAIR iCUE NEXUS Companion Touch Screen Review

@ 2020/07/31
iCUE NEXUS is a quite unique and useful accessory which takes very little space and can be mounted as well right onto compatible CORSAIR keyboards. It packs a 5‘‘ 640x48 resolution screen which has a decent color reproduction (6 bit), while additional functionality is offered via the touch capabilities. The touch interface is quite responsive and we can easily create custom buttons for accessing various game/software functions and for eye candy we are also able to set custom backgrounds for it.

The buttons can be mixed with hardware monitoring widgets or we can use it exclusively for hardware monitoring as well. By simply swiping in both directions (left/right), we can access more than 200 programmable screens, which can be customized from the iCUE unified software. If iCUE is not resident in memory in order to drive the display, the iCUE NEXUS will enter demo mode, by cycling through some animations.

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