Catalyst 5.13: ATI's Video Domination?

@ 2005/12/16
Exactly 10 days ago, we brought you a video quality comparison between the ATI Radeon X800 XL using Catalyst 5.12, the NVIDIA GeForce 6600GT, and the XGI Volari 8300. Using the HQV Benchmark DVD and true analog capture hardware, we showed you how ATI's legendary video quality was just that: a legend.

Nonetheless, FiringSquad's sources brought information of a new driver that would change things for ATI. Not simply a driver that would bring ATI ahead of XGI and NVIDIA and back to the top of the PC video processing world, but a driver that would bring ATI ahead of consumer electronics companies such as Sony, Samsung, Pixelworks, and Faroudja and put ATI hot on the tail of Gennum and Silicon Optix. Seeing that twelve drivers had already been released by ATI in 2005, most readers assumed that the new driver would have to come in January 2006 as Catalyst 6.1. ATI's Secret Santa decided to release this gift earlier to PC enthusiasts with a 13th driver release in 2005 and Oh, how things have changed!


Comment from jmke @ 2005/12/17
Comment from jort @ 2005/12/16
Editors Note: The driver we tested for this article is the same driver ATI will be releasing next week, only the final driver will add WHQL-certification. ATI is working with Microsoft on WHQL-certification as we speak, with an ETA of 12/21.
Comment from 187(V)URD@ @ 2005/12/16
Any download link to the drivers ?