Super Micro installed at Center for Scientific Computing

@ 2020/07/01
AMD EPYC next gen High Performance computing servers

Super Micro said that the German Center for Scientific Computing (CSC) has chosen Supermicro’s 4U 8 GPU A+ server with PCI-E Gen 4 and 200Gb/s networking (AS -4124GS-TNR) as the foundation for their next generation of High-Performance Computing (HPC) servers.

For those not in the know, CSC is an initiative of the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, and Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main.

The Supermicro AS-4124GS-TNR is an advanced state of the art server that incorporates AMD EPYC processors that have been designed to eliminate bottlenecks in the transfer of data between main host memory and the GPUs. When equipped with Radeon Instinct MI50 GPU accelerators, this server enables researchers to conduct their investigations exceptionally fast.

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