Nokia gets ultra-high capacity of 8.5Gbps over six kilometers

@ 2020/07/01
Able to meet capacity demands

Former maker of rubber gear Nokia announced that it has successfully completed a trial with Algerian mobile operator Djezzy, using microwave carrier aggregation technology to support increased demand for capacity.

The trial used Nokia’s Wavence microwave transport with an ultra-high capacity of 8.5Gbps over a distance of nearly six kilometers. With its reduced latency and high capacity, the solution will allow Djezzy to deliver "compelling experiences" to its 14.2 million subscribers.

During the trial, which took place in the city of Sétif earlier this year, capacity was increased from 3.5Gbps to 8.5 Gbps and covered a distance of 5.7 kilometers, demonstrating how carrier aggregation technology can be used to support ever-increasing demands for data. This will become increasingly important as Djezzy prepares to cope with traffic growth and 4G "densification".

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