Wireless USB Hub is Near

@ 2005/12/12
Wisair has renewed the interest in USB today with their announcement of the first Certified Wireless USB hub. While it's still a reference design, the offering including a WUSB PC dongle and a WUSB hub has shed light on the availability of the first commercial product.

Not much else is revealed except the WUSB hub will come in 2-port or 4-port, and the maximum distance between the hub and the dongle (host) is 30ft. Though, don't expect the speed to go over 110Mbps. So, you may need probably multiple hubs for different connectivity requirements. Say, laser and MFPs can share a WUSB hub located at a greater distance from the host than another hub hogged down by bandwidth hungry webcams and hard drives.

On the slightly technical side of the story, the WUSB hub reference design is based on Wisair's 2nd generation Wimedia-based UWB chipset, and has an integrated antenna. We don't know the exact model name, but who really cares when my USB stuff is finally wireless. Stay tune for more when we report from TechZone, CES 2006.

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