Infrant ReadyNAS X6 X-RAID Network Storage

@ 2005/12/08
"One of the players in this NAS market is a company by the name of
Infrant Technologies. Founded in 2001, they have set out to create a
usage-specific processor which they call an NSP (Network Storage
Processor); their goal being a dedicated box for the sole purpose of
serving out storage to the network. To this end they have created the
software which is aptly named RAIDiator. The software is now in its
second incarnation as the RAIDiator 2. To see if all these bad plays on
words are worth the effort, Infrant has been gracious enough to send me
their latest NAS offering, the X6. The X6 is the successor to their
ReadyNAS600 which utilized standard RAID architecture to serve out
storage to the masses. The new X6 utilizes Infrant’s proprietary X-RAID
technology to allow the user to expand the array on the fly. How well
this works is precisely what I intend to find out, so let’s roll up our
sleeves and dig in!"


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