Macs have more malware than Windows

@ 2020/02/14
Seems hackers have got around to noticing

According to cybersecurity software company Malwarebytes' latest State of Malware report, the amount of malware on Macs is outpacing PCs for the first time ever.

Windows machines still dominate the market share and tend to have more security vulnerabilities, which has for years made them the bigger and easier target for hackers. But now it appears that Jobs' Mob is fed up with Microsoft beating it on anything and has started to copy it.

Malwarebytes said there was a 400 percent increase in threats on Mac devices from 2018 to 2019, and found an average of 11 threats per Mac devices, which about twice the 5.8 average on Windows.

The Tame Apple Press says that this is not a problem at all as it just proves that Macs are now popular and hackers can now be bothered spending some time writing malware. They also claim that in 2018, there were 4.8 threats per Mac device, which means the per-device number has more than doubled not gone up by 400 percent.

One report said that Windows devices were more prone to "traditional" malware, the top 10 Mac threats were adware and not even classed as real malware at all so Apple fanboy's Coldplay collections were safe.

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