From lamer to gamer in 10 easy steps

@ 2005/11/28
4. Live your tortured life through MSN titles

Blogs are all well and good, however you actually need people to give half a toss about you in the first place to bother reading them. With MSN titles, everyone you consider a friend, acquaintance or even just someone who you accidentally added when browsing My Space can now see what kind of mood you're in. Absolutely exaggerate everything which has happened in your day and round it into a concise title. So, if you had a really nice breakfast before going out for the day to the zoo, say "Oats + Goats FTW". If you really can't think of anything, then put something completely random or vague that will MAKE people talk to you to inquire, like "15 Seconds then it's all over". They don't need to know you're referring to the microwave Macaroni Cheese you're making. "

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