Thermalright V-1 VGA Cooler

@ 2005/11/28
The Thermalright V-1 is a very good VGA cooler in terms of the
performance and the stylish look. The Thermalright V-1 VGA Cooler performs
very well during our testing. Moreover, it is made of fully aluminum with
nickel plated which is a very good material for cooling. The design of
this VGA Cooler is very stylish, nice, and light weight. It also support
dual 80mm cooling fan to mount in the top and bottom of the heatsink..

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Comment from jmke @ 2005/11/28
I agree if you are looking for extra speed; however when looking to silence your PC coolers like this are a godsend
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/11/28
2.5% gain in core; 0.35% in memory overclocking = voiding your warranty = not very smart