[M] Razer Kraken Ultimate Gaming Headset Review

@ 2020/01/16
Right after connecting the Kraken Ultimate to our testing PC and trying out some games and 4K TV Shows, we have found the headset lacking bass and overall it was not giving out very much audio detail. After adjusting the output details via Synapse software (Bass Boost, EQ settings, etc), the difference was very noticeable and it was like we were wearing a complete different headset in our hands. Thanks to the large, custom-tuned 50mm drivers, explosions and weapon noises were well represented in CS: GO, car noises were correctly rendered in Forza Horizon 4, while the Witcher TV show atmosphere and voices could really make us think that we were present in a cinema chair, especially after turning THX effects on. Granted we are not getting audiophile grade quality from this particular headset, but its audio output should be enough for most mainstream crowd, not only for games but also for other multimedia content.

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