Homematic Shutter Actuator Review

@ 2020/01/15
After the Homematic radiator thermostat we are testing another important wireless actuator on Funkyhome.de today and that is the Homematic HM-LC-BI1PBU-FM Wireless Shutter Actuator as a kit as well as a ready-to-use device. If you want to operate your marquee, blind or roller shutter, you can buy a simple roller shutter timer. However, if you want to program it comfortably on your PC or via smartphone app, you should take a look at this wireless shutter actuator from Homematic. Just adjusting the times for holidays or depending on the season is absolutely no problem. You don't need a wireless shutter motor, but simply control this shutter actuator via wireless and thus enable or expand the smart home. We hope you enjoy reading the new review including a new tutorial for Shutter Actuator setup and a new tutorial for shutter programming.

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