Russian hackers try to save Trump

@ 2020/01/15
Want emails to help his impeachment case

Russian military hackers appear to be trying to gather evidence for Donald Trump’s impeachment defence.

Apparently, Tsar Putin’s finest military hackers tried to steal emails from the Ukrainian energy firm where Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden, had a seat on the board.

Energy company Burisma Holdings Ltd was at the centre of attempts by US President Donald Trump last July to pressure Ukrainian authorities to announce an investigation into the Bidens for purported corruption, an effort that has led to the Republican being impeached by the US House of Representatives on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

California-based Area 1 Security identified the Burisma hacking and linked it to Russia’s Main Directorate of Military Intelligence, or GRU. The same hacking group, known as “Fancy Bear” by cybersecurity researchers, breached the Democratic National Committee in 2016 in what US investigators described as part of an operation to disrupt that year’s election.

“You can see this attack really is starting to parallel with what we saw in 2016”, Oren Falkowitz, Area 1’s chief executive, said in an interview.

A source close to Burisma told Reuters the company’s website had been subject to multiple break-in attempts over the past six months but did not provide further details.

Area 1 said that breaching Burisma could yield communications from, to, or about Hunter Biden, who served as a director between 2014 and 2019. A leak of stolen data could potentially affect the impeachment process and US electoral contest.

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