We need to get better code

@ 2020/01/15
Faster processors let to bloated software warns Open University bloke

Physical limits on hardware might force developers to start writing less bloated code according to Open University technology professor John Naughton.

Writing in the Guardian, Naughton said that processors led to bloated software, but physical limits may force a return to the concise code of the past.

He said there's been lots of research into ingenious ways of packing more computing power into machines, for example using multi-core architectures in which a CPU has two or more separate processing units called "cores" -- in the hope of postponing the awful day when the silicon chip finally runs out of road.

Naughton said that one of the predictable consequences of Moore's law is that it made programmers lazier.

“Writing software is a craft and some people are better at it than others. They write code that is more elegant and, more importantly, leaner, so that it executes faster. In the early days, when the hardware was primitive, craftsmanship really mattered”, he said.

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