AI about to hit a wall

@ 2019/12/05
Facebooks AI brain warns

Facebook's AI bloke Jerome Pesenti has warned that the technology is about to hit a brick wall.

Chatting to Wired, Pesenti said that his teams were busy trying to match human intelligence, but it was still a long way away from it.

He said that Deep learning and current AI has a lot of limitations.

“We are very very far from human intelligence, and there are some criticisms that are valid. It can propagate human biases, it’s not easy to explain, it doesn't have common sense, it’s more on the level of pattern matching than robust semantic understanding. But we’re making progress in addressing some of these, and the field is still progressing fast. You can apply deep learning to mathematics, to understanding proteins, there are so many things you can do with it,” he said.

Another issue is reproducibility as it not only helps people validate results, it also enables more people to understand what's happening and to build upon that.

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