Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 brings Kryo 585 CPU and Adreno 650 GPU

@ 2019/12/05
7nm, LP-DDR5, powering flagships starting in Q1 2020

At the annual Snapdragon technology summit in Hawaiian island Maui, Qualcomm revealed the latest flagship Snapdragon. After 845 and 855 comes the, well you might guess it the Snapdragon 865.

This is a 7nm SoC with new Kryo 500 series CPU cores and the new Adreno 650 GPU, new AI Tensor cores, new DSP and Spectra ISP and of course the 5G modem.

The new Kryo 585 provides a 25 percent faster performance than then predecessor and 25 percent higher power efficiency. Increasing the performance by a quarter on the same 7nm manufacturing node means that in spite of the usual boost one gets optimizing the cores, Qualcomm used newer second-generation 7nm cores, based on the latest Cortex A77.

They are again using the same approach as the last year. The fastest core will run at 2.84GHz while the other three 585 cores will run at a slower 2.4GHz clock but in the same cluster. There will be a Cortex-A55 based low-power-aware (efficiency) Kryo cluster too. As you can see from the diagram below, all cores have their own L2 cache, with 512KB for the Prime CPU core, 256KB for each of the Performance Cortex-A77 cores, and 128KB for Cortex-A55 Efficiency CPU cores, and share 4MB of L3 cache.

The new Snapdragon 865 supports two kinds of memory interfaces, the new LPDDR5 and the LPDDR4x, the one that was supported by this year’s Snapdragon 855. The LPDDR5 memory runs up to 2750MHz and needs lower voltage and obviously has higher throughput. The LPDDR4x memory works up to 2133 MHz. The new mobile powerhouse SoC supports up to 16 GB. This means exactly how it reads, you will see 16GB phones this year, especially the gaming phones. It is arguable if more memory is necessary, but it will happen.

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