Oracle sues over sexual discrimination charges

@ 2019/12/02
The Department of Labour is the bad guy here

Database outfit Oracle is so hacked off that the Department of Labour is always taking it to task for discriminating against and underpaying women and minorities it is suing the watchdog.

In a lawsuit filed Wednesday in a Washington DC district court, Oracle accuses the US Department of Labour of "unprecedented overreach by an executive agency" and claims the agency doesn't have the authority to cut Oracle out of government contracts for its discriminatory practices or sue it for underpaying certain staff.

The database giant warned perilously that "the rise of the modern administrative state has altered our government structure" but that it had "not undone our constitutional structure". Oracle is not saying that the revolutionary junta who penned the constitution thought that it was ok to discriminate against women and minorities (although some owned slaves) they would have objected to "harassment" by government regulators.

Oracle said that the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programmes (OFCCP) have "created a coercive administrative enforcement and adjudicative regime.

"Without authority from any Act of Congress - indeed, in contravention of congressional legislation - a group of unelected, unaccountable, and unconfirmed administrative officials have cut from whole cloth this adjudicative agency enforcement scheme."

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