PrimoChill PC ICE

@ 2005/11/16
I've been into liquid and water cooling for almost a year now, you may think that that isn't a long time, but trust me it is. I've learned A LOT in that short amount of time about the various aspects of liquid cooling. I've used plain water, water with additives, and alternative liquids for cooling. Being in the review 'business' I find I need cooling solutions that are far superior to stock and even after market air cooling. With many reviews I have found myself overclocking my CPU, which of course generates a lot of heat and stock cooling just will not let me do what I need to do. In all my trials and errors I have found water is the best for cooling, there are a few companies out there that make alternatives to water and today I will be looking at one of them. PrimoChill's PC Ice from Voyeurmods is what is on the testing/review block today.

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Comment from Jaco @ 2005/11/17
what a scam
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/11/16
Further testings-
Put the filled containers (assuming non-conductive such as glass/plastic) in a refrigrator to accelerate evaporation or under a hot lamp. Measure conductivity of any residue remaining.
Comment from Rutar @ 2005/11/16
I think it's pretty appropriate, 4/10 in a review equals a 1/5 on the real scale since reviews do not use the bottom part of their scale.
Comment from jmke @ 2005/11/16
great testing and that 4/10 scores is way too much for a product which does not do what it is designed for.