Crucial Ballistix Elite DDR4 3600 Review

@ 2019/11/08
Today we have the opportunity to test something a little different in the modern DDR4 memory market. For high-end computer builders and enthusiasts, Samsung B-Die has remained the undisputed champion in recent years. Although other options have always been available, when it comes to overclocking and performance, there is simply no competition. Today, we are testing the Crucial Ballistix Elite, which is running a new breed of Micron memory IC’s. With very high XMP ratings and moderately tight timings, it promises to be a contender in this space. Please read along to find out more.
Specifications and Features

While Crucial may not be one of the biggest names in DDR4 today, they are no less influential or important. Crucial Technology is a brand name that was created under the Micron Technology umbrella back in 1996. Their mission is a concept that we take for granted today, but it was a revolutionary idea for the time period.

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