Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL Full Review: One Step Forward, One Step Back

@ 2019/11/08
Cameron Summerson

I’ve been using the Pixel 4 for a couple of weeks now, and there are a couple of certainties: it has the best camera I’ve ever seen on a smartphone, and it has the worst battery life I’ve seen in years. It’s also more than just those two things.

Those are likely two details you’ve seen noted across the board—from review to review, post to post, everyone is either talking about how great the camera is (and oh man, it is) or how terrible the battery life is. And while those things are true, there’s more to this phone than just the high and low.

The thing is, this could be the best phone Google has ever released. Unfortunately, it has the dark cloud hanging over it right now (battery life), which overshadows all the great things about the phone.

As a whole package, it’s an incredible piece of hardware. It’s forward-thinking and proactive, which is more than I can say for the last generation Pixel, which was a “me too” phone and nothing more.

The Pixel 4 is decidedly fresh. It’s a good phone because of what it is, not what it’s trying to be.

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