Intel caught pushing "dodgy" benchmarks

@ 2019/11/08
Tell me it isn't so

Chipzilla has been accused of fudging benchmarks to show the advantage of a dual Intel Xeon Platinum 9282 system versus the AMD EPYC 7742.

However, when Serve the Home checked the figures it found that some of the numbers seemed to be presented to "intentionally mislead would-be buyers as to the company’s relative performance versus AMD".

Intel presented the figures at its “Performance at Intel” Medium blog.

However a 400W 56 core part seemed to say it was 20 percent faster and a footnote on configuration details we followed eventually leading to the referenced #31 corresponding to this result. Here is the configuration for the test:

GROMACS 2019.3: Geomean (5 workloads: archer2_small, ion_channel_pme, lignocellulose_rf, water_pme, water_rf):

Intel® Xeon® Platinum 9282 processor: Intel® Compiler 2019u4, Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) 2019u4, Intel MPI 2019u4, AVX-512 build, BIOS: HT ON, Turbo OFF, SNC OFF, 2 threads per core;

AMD EPYC™ 7742: Intel® Compiler 2019u4, Intel® MKL 2019u4, Intel MPI 2019u4, AVX2 build, BIOS: SMT ON, Boost ON, NPS 4, 1 threads per core. (Source: Intel)

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