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@ 2005/11/14
The race for the performance crown between ATI and Nvidia almost seems like the fable about the Tortoise and the Hare. For the past 4 months, the Hare (Nvidia) has been taking a relaxing nap and reaping in the profits since it raised the bar with its GeForce 7800 GTX in June. Now, just as the Tortoise (ATI) catches up to the Hare riding on its new 512MB Radeon X1800 XT, the Hare awakens and revs up its own 512MB response: the GeForce 7800 GTX 512MB.


Its just over a month since ATI launched their X1800XT. The X1800 was
ATI's response to the very successful Geforce 7800GTX which Nvidia
launched in June, and has since become a part which has proved very
popular in enthusiast circles. For a very long time there were a lot of
rumors that the X1800 would feature 24 or 32 pipelines when launched by
ATI and completely blow the GTX away however such a part never became a
reality and instead the product ATI launched was a 16 “pipeline” part with
architecture and clock speeds which allowed it to exceed the performance
of the 7800GTX in most titles, though not by a huge amount it has to be

...So with the XT making it into retail just last week we have our first
look at a retail model in the form of the Sapphire Radeon X1800XT 512mb
and we take our first look at Nvidias response to the X1800XT, the
reference model Geforce 7800GTX 512mb."


We have tested out the GeForce 7800GTX 512MB edition in single card and SLI mode. We compare it against single card and SLI mode 7800GTX 256mb and 7800GT as well against Radeon X850XT PE single card and CrossFire mode as well as against the Radeon X1800XL.


We just posted our preview of NVIDIA's new high end graphic card GeForce
7800 GTX 512MB. This is a short preview of what will come later when the
world's best 3Dmark overclocker and Sweden's foremost processor
overclocker, Marcus "Kinc" Hultin and Robert "Crotale" Kihlberg, is doing
their best to overclock both GeForce 7800 GTX 512MB and ATI Radeon X1800
as far as possible.


Although the GeForce 7 Series has been very successful so far, we all knew NVIDIA was keeping something up its sleeve to respond to ATI's 512MB Radeon X1800 XT. Many of you probably already know the name of NVIDIA's response (a.k.a. NVIDIA's new flagship card) and might even know what it looks like. Well, today is the official day that we can tell you all about it. Get ready for another hard launch as NVIDIA continues the trend it started to end paper launches, and say hello to the GeForce 7800 GTX 512.


Quite simply a performance monster, and one that'll take ATI a big effort to beat. The GeForce 7800 GTX 512 impresses hugely, from quiet and efficient cooler, to manageable increase in power draw over the original GTX, with monsterous performance and day-zero availability in-between.

Link: http://www.hexus.net/content/item.ph...key=1131950738

This new 512MB version of the GeForce 7800 GTX, you see, doesn't run at the 430MHz GPU and 1.2GHz memory clocks that the standard version does. Oh, no. This card is intended to compete with--nay, embarrass--ATI's ultra-high-end Radeon X1800 XT, the recently crowned king of single-card graphics performance. NVIDIA's not calling it an Ultra, but they might as well be, with clock speeds of 550MHz for the GPU and 1.7GHz for the memory. That, my friend, is fast. We're talking about 13.2 gigatexels per second of fill rate and over 54GB per second of memory bandwidth. Those towering specifications could allow this Bugatti Veyron of the graphics world to lay the freaking smack down on the Radeon X1800 XT. And the prospect of running a couple of these monsters in SLI captures the geek's imagination like a wayward pair of Carolina Panthers cheerleaders.

We have, of course, subjected the GeForce 7800 GTX 512 to a grueling battery of performance tests using the latest games at a range of resolutions, including the sick and disturbing 2048x1536, just because we could. Can NVIDIA's new $649 beast show up ATI's Radeon X1800 XT? Will a pair of these in running in tandem cause the lights to dim in Damage Labs? We're about to find out.


We have one of the first reviews of the new Nvidia 7800 GTX 512MB card today. With enhanced clock speeds, could this be the card to take back the performance crown from ATI's X1800 XT? We find out in a series of real-world gameplay evaluations.

Comment from Rutar @ 2005/11/15
I found a finsih review, I can't understand a word but it has min FPS values:

Comment from The Senile Doctor @ 2005/11/15
gamer is waster also
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/11/15
Whatever the Doc is wasting goes to Gamer = no waste
Comment from The Senile Doctor @ 2005/11/14
well, I have my 18year old i'm with now, I should stick to her, enough swapping
Comment from jmke @ 2005/11/14
who will be the lucky 18 year old to meet you when you turn 50?
Comment from The Senile Doctor @ 2005/11/14
numerus clausus screwed this up, there's almost nobody leaving medical school now, and I'm one helluva character to work with...I expect the same from those who live with me as I do myself and that's difficult for most to do.
I told gamer too, at this rate I'm well within financial stopping range at 40-45...
i'll probably continue till 50 to be on the safe side, but then it's all over.

now back to the 512 mb of pure 7800 gtx.

most oc-ed do 600-1800.! yeahaa, sli madness at this speed...
Comment from jmke @ 2005/11/14
can't you partner up with somebody who is "fresh" out of school from your neigbourhoud who can help you lighten the workload?

it does not seem you desperately NEED all the money you are earning to make a decent living, so sharing it with someone who can help you with giving you more spare time to enjoy the money you've earned is maybe not a bad idea?
Comment from The Senile Doctor @ 2005/11/14
you're probably right (you always are in these matters) I'll keep them until february and then I'll see.
haven't played two hours on them yet.
Comment from jmke @ 2005/11/14
I don't "damn" you, you've earned that money, but you can't ignore the fact that "throwing it away" is dumb; why would you work then in the first place? if it makes you miserable and at the end of the day you throw away what you've worked for
Comment from The Senile Doctor @ 2005/11/14
hey, don't you worry about my money, JMke, I've justr worked all day and saw 62 patiënts, at a mean of 26 euro's, that's about enough for those two goddamn 512 mb cards,
don't damn me, my life is mostly miserable,it's all I have.
Comment from Rutar @ 2005/11/14
still not getting it, oh well waiting for the full review

still not a single 512MB GTX in sight here, I mean not even listed
Comment from jmke @ 2005/11/14
uhm Rutar, did you read the [H] with full attention? just don't look at the graphs.. read the reasoning also behind WHY they test with different settings on each card

their full reviews always feature apples-to-apples comparison to feed the need of those looking for equal playing grounds
Comment from Rutar @ 2005/11/14
What sucks about the [H] Preview is that they haven't used the same settings all the time for all cards .

Tough it's obvious the want to claim unchallenged-ultimate-hardcore-videocard reviewer status by calling it a preview. If they get a review up with same settings, the graphs and even CPU scaling, they get that status and all other reviews would be kiddie crap against their review

The driverheaven review which also uses min fps (yes, no min fps, no good review) shows some weird results, anyone got an explanation?
Comment from Gamer @ 2005/11/14
yep, I know
Comment from jmke @ 2005/11/14
my statement is correct, I said *yet*.
Comment from Gamer @ 2005/11/14
Comment from jmke @ 2005/11/14
Don't be dumb Calantak.. I hate it when you throw money out of the window..

@Gamer: Quad SLI is not supported yet, what are you going to do with 4 Geforce 7800GTX cards?

damn rich/ignorant people :grum:
Comment from Gamer @ 2005/11/14
Comment from The Senile Doctor @ 2005/11/14

anybody wants two 256 mb cards?
I could sell them in an sli-pack for let's say 700 euros
Comment from jmke @ 2005/11/14
the Anandtech review really shows that the 512Mb is not what makes this 7800GTX so fast, as the difference between 256<>512 is almost none existant.

the increased Core and Memclocks really push this card to the top of the pack
Comment from jmke @ 2005/11/14
yes but I don't think they'll add the things I mentioned
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/11/14
[H] is only a preview; and have promised to have follow up in later days.
Comment from jmke @ 2005/11/14
[H] testing is lacking performance numbers at 1280x1024, other than that their testing method is almost flawless (CPU scaling is missing also)
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/11/14
NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX 512: More Than Just More Memory


NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX 512 MB Preview

I need one more day to finish reading them
Comment from jmke @ 2005/11/14
any good ones in there worth reading after having checked out the [H] and Anandtech write-ups?