AMD server win squeezes ARM

@ 2019/10/11
Ampere on life support?

The recent success of AMD’s 7nm 64 core Rome powerhouse is very bad news for ARM server efforts. Over time, Calxeda and many others failed, and Cavium by Marvell and Ampere don’t seem to be better either. AMD is just jeopardizing last chances for all existing ARM players to make any meaningful footprint on data center and server market.

AMD has its moment of glory. The company that not so long ago traded for under 3 dollars now trades 10X of that, and in late 2019 the company finally has a decent server part. Many fellow analysts predict that AMD can score as much as 10 percent of the server processor market, which would be a huge victory for AMD, and of course, that market share will come out of the Intel’s server pocket.

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