Windows 10 Is Getting Built-In Support for Network Cameras

@ 2019/10/11
Network cameras have existed since before the Wyze Cam and Nest Cam. They send their data over your local network rather than relying on a cloud service. Now, Insider builds of Windows 10 20H1 have built-in support for these cameras.

These are also known as IP-based cameras, as they send video data over your local area network (LAN) using the Internet Protocol (IP.) Traditionally, you had to use a third-party software package or access a web server running on the camera to access these cameras. Now, get ready for built-in support.

One catch: For now, at least, Windows 10 only supports network cameras that are compliant with ONVIF Profile S. As Microsoft’s Varsha Parthasarathy puts it in a Microsoft blog post announcing the feature, these “are standards-compliant network cameras optimized for real-time streaming video capture.”

If you have a camera that works with Windows 10, you’ll be able to go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices > Add Bluetooth or other device. Windows will automatically scan your local network for supported network cameras. Click it to add it to your system.

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