Club 3D X1800XT 512MB

@ 2005/11/12
A new dawn has come, there is now a new king, one king to rule them all!

The Club 3D X1800XT is the latest and highest performing product in the new range of X1000 Series VGA chipsets from ATI.

Club 3D has mounted a whopping the fastest 512mb of GDDR3 memory on board and as usually the Club 3D x1800XT 512mb has full I/O including VIVO, HDTV, Dual DVI, and is also crossfire ready.

Core and Memory speed will not fail to impress with a 625mhz Core and 1500mhz memory the Club 3D X1800XT is currently the fastest VGA card available to buy.

With Avivo, SM3.0 support and H.264 hardware acceleration, the Club 3D X1800XT will make your images look sharper and more colourful with 10bit colour technology you can prepare yourself for the future and have all the input/output you will ever need for whatever application you choose.

The flexible all round Club 3D X1800XT is a truly high end performer, in games, videos, photos and 3d applications, this card will astound and amaze all that whitness it. The Club 3D X1800XT is available across Europe NOW!

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