PCs plagued by bad capacitors

@ 2005/11/11
Capacitors are an inexpensive little component on a PC motherboard, but they can be a costly headache for manufacturers when a whole bunch of them go bad.

Last week, Dell announced it was going to take a $300 million financial charge on its earnings to cover costs associated with the replacement of motherboards with faulty capacitors in some of its Optiplex workstations. The Dell system boards in question were manufactured from April 2003 to March 2004, according to several contract computer repair firms that are starting to replace the systems.

Comment from the maniak @ 2005/11/11
I also had the problem on an old Aopen motherbord, replacement of mobo solved the problem.
Comment from uni1313 @ 2005/11/11
Recently I had to built a new pc for my brother for this problem.

The capacitors from his mobo were swollen and leaking. The mobo from MSI was 5 years old by the way.

His pc was having eradic behaviour due to this problem.