HTC goes after Oculus Rift S with new Vive Cosmos

@ 2019/09/13
But does not come cheap at $699

Showed at the CES 2019 in Las Vegas in January, HTC has now officially announced the Vive Cosmos VR headset, which will go after the Oculus Rift S when it becomes available on October 3rd for $699.

The Vive Cosmos is HTC's fourth VR headset and it is obvious that this one is more gaming-oriented, and goes after the Oculus Rift S, since it lacks external trackers. Bear in mind that you still need to connect it to the PC.

Specification-wise, the Vive Cosmos features a combined resolution of 2880x1700, an 88 percent increase compared to the original Vive, and uses real RGB panels with 90Hz refresh rate and 110-degree field-of-view, which are said to have increased subpixels and offer up to 40 percent improved lens clarity compared to the original Vive.

Of course, you also get two 6DOF controllers and there is an optional wireless adapter based on Intel's WiGig technology, but at a steep price of $300.

HTC bets big on modularity

HTC was quite keen to talk about the modularity of the Vive Cosmos, which should bring new features to the headset in future, and one of the first to come is the Vive Cosmos External Tracking Mod, an external base station which should provide better tracking.

The flip-up front comes with a modular faceplate, which is where the Cosmos External Tracking mod will be placed.

More mods are expected in the first part of the next year.

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