Enermax Liberty 500W Modular Power Supply

@ 2005/11/04
The new Liberty series of power supplies incorporates many traditional features of Enermax units with the latest trend, modular cabling. Modular power supplies first became popular in 2004, and although Enermax can't claim to be a pioneer in the field, you can count on their effort being worth consideration, even if the market is a bit more crowded at this point.

Comment from Sidney @ 2005/11/04
One PSU that surprises the hack out of me is the Codegen 400W which came with Codegen Case ...... I have used it on OCed rigs short of Prescott and it is holding up very well in the last four years. Yet, it weights about 2/3 of the high end stuffs. May be just luck or what I don't know. May be they find the lower cost tight tolerance components. Something I can't explain.