NVIDIA’s 7800GS to Debut Soon

@ 2005/10/31
It’s been roughly a quarter or so since the availability of NVIDIA’s 7800GTX and already speculation is circulating online that NVIDIA is preparing a new launch during the month of November. While we can confirm that NVIDIA will indeed be announcing something new, we can’t say exactly when they will do it, but it’ll occur in November.

What we have discovered, however, thanks to some clever users, is that NVIDIA may potentially announce two products: the GeForce 7800GS and a 512MB version of the current GeForce 7800GTX. From the evidence, we believe that NVIDIA plans to introduce a new entry-level model and to accompany the top-end 7800GTX 512MB to give consumers more choices, both in features and in price.

Comment from Rutar @ 2005/10/31
I'm so waiting for the 512MB GTX with Silencer from Asus.

Because till the x1800XT arrives here IN STOCK, I have grey hair already.