AMD brings XT with RX 560 XT for China

@ 2019/03/14
1,792 SPs and 4GB of memory

It has been a while since we saw the XT suffix on AMD Radeon graphics cards but it appears that AMD is bringing it back with a China-specific Radeon RX 560 XT.

According to details spotted by, the RX 560 XT is just a rebrand of an RX 570 and should fit between the standard RX 560 and the RX 570, packing 1,792 Stream Processors, 112 TMUs, and 32 ROPs. It has 4GB of 6.6Gbps memory on a 256-bit memory interface.

It is not clear if the RX 560 XT is based on Polaris 20 or Polaris 30 GPU.

As the marketing material suggests, this is a China-only SKU and it is highly unlikely that we will see it available worldwide but it is nice to see the XT branding, even on a China-exclusive SKU.

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