Xtreme Resources System Benefit Raffle

@ 2005/10/26
Xtreme Resources is proud to announce a Computer System Benefit Raffle. The site has put a great system together through parts donated by many of our wonderful members. The proceeds from the raffle are going to one of our friends and staff member to assist in defraying medical costs incurred from a complicated back surgery that his wife endured without the assistance of any medical insurance. Our very generous community through their donations have already helped take care of a major portion of their bills, with one very generous member matching all donations made. Our goal through this raffle is to generate an additional $1600.00 which will take care of the final portion of their medical bills. We look to all of our friends in the Computer enthusiast community to stop by, check out the system and help us help Greg and his wife.

Raffle Details : http://www.xtremeresources.com/forum...ad.php?t=38153

Raffle system photo's and instructions :

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