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@ 2005/10/26
TecCentral has a brandnew Review online !


Comment from Sidney @ 2005/10/26
Not all product reviews are created equal
Comment from jmke @ 2005/10/26
I thought I was going crazy.. so here are their results for the Scythe cooler

Passiv 32.5K
Silent Fan 47.4K
Power Fan 40.4K

ah no.. wait.. crap, did not see the decrease in CPU vcore remark

wasted your time
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/10/26
Comment from jmke @ 2005/10/26
so better HSF should have LOWER DeltaT right?
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/10/26
Delta temp = difference of two measuring points.

Unless, specified clearly, it creates confusion.


Room temp = 20°C
Case temp (temp inside a closed case) = 30°C

Delta T = 10°C may signal poor case ventilation.

CPU temp = 50°C should reflect the high case temp relative to room temp. Delta temp should use case to cpu = 20°C

Using room to cpu delta of 50-20 = 30 is unfair.
Comment from jmke @ 2005/10/26
DeltaT is difference between Room/Case temp and the Obtained temp right? or am I wrong?

Case: 20°C
CPU: 45°C
DeltaT: 25°C ?

their results are weird if my DeltaT understanding is correct