Apple finally puts charger vapourware into production

@ 2019/01/14
Nearly two years late

Apple's Duke Nukum of chargers has been rumoured to be finally in production.

Apple's Airpower wireless charger is so late after it had been revealed to the cheering fanboys in September 2017 it had been thought to be vapourware.

It still might be, as ChargerLAB could only cite a "credible source" that Apple has begun manufacturing the long-delayed wireless charging mat. For a while now. the Tame Apple Press has sought to cover Apple's embarrassment with the fig leaf of rumour.

If the rumour is true, it could mean that the long overdue product could finally reach the hands of consumers before too much longer. When it was first announced it was expected to be released in early 2018. That obviously didn't happen and people started to think that while it looked nice in the Apple design room the actual making of the gadget was tricky. No one has mentioned a price for the device yet.

If what ChargerLAB says is accurate, that could mean that we'll see more about them in the near future. The site's tweet says that the devices are being manufactured at Luxshare Precision, which already manufactures Apple's AirPods and some cords. MacRumors translated a screenshot of ChargerLAB's WeChat conversation, in which the site's source expects the device to be released soon.

Saner heads think it might still only be a rumour and that all sorts of things could go wrong at this point.

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