Intel’s Core i5-9400F Hits Amazon

@ 2019/01/11
Amazon has started to list Intel’s six-core Core i5-9400F desktop processor that lacks integrated graphics, belongs to the Coffee Lake Refresh family, and is produced using the company’s 14 nm process technology. The CPU is aimed at mainstream PCs and generally expands availability of Intel’s six-core processors.

The Core i5-9400F CPU features six cores without Hyper-Threading operating at 2.9 – 4.1 GHz, packs 9 MB of L3 cache, supports DDR4-2666 memory, and is rated for a 65 W TDP. The Core i5-9400F is one of Intel’s entry-level six-core processor for desktops and will therefore be among the cheapest CPUs with six cores. At press time, Amazon offered the CPU for $208.38, but the chip is said to be temporarily out of stock.

Back in October, Intel officially announced three 9th Gen Core processors for desktops: the eight-core Core i9-9900K and Core i7-9700K, as well as the six-core Core i5-9600K. Priced at $488, $384, and $262, these CPUs feature an unlocked multiplier and are aimed at enthusiasts who tend to spend hefty sums on hardware in general. By contrast, the Core i5-9400F comes with a locked multiplier and a 65 W TDP, thus aiming mainstream desktops with discrete graphics cards.

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