CeBIT Trade Show Axed

@ 2018/12/07
Deutsche Messe this week said it would axe CeBIT, once the world’s largest IT expos/evebts, and would integrate what is left it into the Hannover Messe show going forward. The trade show organizer said that as demand for horizontal high-tech exhibitions is diminishing. From our perspective, the number of attendees in recent years has been comically low, too. As a result, the expo space bookings for CeBIT 2019 got too low for the show to be economically viable, forcing the company to restructure its event portfolio.

Comment from jmke @ 2018/12/07
last time I visited Cebit was in 2008 and even 10 years ago the signs were clear that the format of that tradeshow had passed its peak.

announcements of new products were already done at CES 2 months before
technical demos were limited
overall show quality went downhill fast

The ones from before were definitely more entertaining :