5G to XR glasses demo is impressive

@ 2018/12/06
100s of Mbps needed

One of the big questions for many 5G sceptics are the use case scenarios and Qualcomm has been pushing on the need for higher data rates, low latency and the eXtended Reality use case scenario.

Earlier this year we had a chance to see a similar demo with 60 Ghz mmWaves, in Barcelona, simply as there were no 5G networks or devices ready. Now we got the see the next step, the actually 5G NR live network and the Snapdragon 855 device receiving video and rendering on the XR glasses.

The demo embodies very higher data rates, low latency in XR as it was a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 reference design hooked to VR headset that used 5G connection to the live network in Maui, Hawaii.

Hiren Bhinde who took the stage earlier today and talked about the entertainment part of the Snapdragon 855 helped us with some additional details.

Ericsson infrastructure based 5G mmWave antennas were connecting to the XR headset. You can think of it as a phone that goes in a slot in VR, but in a product phase it might actually end up in the 5G enabled head mounted display (HMD). This is still a technology demo and not a product, but it was a great way to show a 180 degrees video, that had some 3D mesh elements and sense of 3D in it that was streaming from the cloud to the edge device.

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