Xiaomi announces big US event in New York

@ 2018/11/08
On December 8th

Xiaomi has announced a big US event calling it the "biggest party yet" and although there are no hints on what to expect at the event, there are rumors that the company will try its luck in the US.

Just a few days after Xiaomi announced a big event in the UK for November 8th, where it will be unveiling the Mi 8 Pro for the UK market, Xiaomi has not surprisingly announced another event that will take place in New York. While Xiaomi's US site does not sell phones, nor there are any official retailers, this could be a big move from the company to enter the US market.

Xiaomi's US site sells devices like Mi Home Security Camera, Mi Electric Scooter, Mi Power Bank Pro, and some other devices so it could add phones as well, at least unless it gets banned like ZTE and Huawei.

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