Sunbeam NUoo 550W SLi PSU

@ 2005/10/14
Sunbeam Technologies entered the PSU market with a bang releasing two different PSUs under the Nuoo branding, a 450W & 550W version, including in them features normally found on higher end PSUs. Features like a modular molex connector system, large 120mm fan cooling, along with an external drivebay to control and moniter fan speeds and fan temperatures within the unit itself.

Today we have the pleasure of taking the 550W SLi version for a test run. SunbeamTech makes the claim that the PSU is SLi ready and checking nVidia's list of approved SLi PSUs that the claim is not an empty promise.

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Comment from jmke @ 2005/10/14
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/10/14
We spell the name correctly, NUUO.