MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio Video Card Review

@ 2018/10/13
A couple of weeks back NVIDIA released their latest Turing video card architecture. The GPUs brought new features including Ray Tracing cores, Tensor cores, and our first glimpse of GDDR6 memory. Our review of the Founders Edition cards showed significant performance gains over last year’s models, but with it came even more significant price increases putting a blemish on its release.

Now that time has passed, board partners are getting cards out to reviewers to take a look and see what they could do with the Turing GPU architecture as a base. NVIDIA has already stepped up its game with better power delivery as well as a cooler so the board partners have to put in some effort to trump NVIDIA this time around.

Today, we are looking at our first partner card in the MSI RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio. The Gaming X Trio hails from MSI’s premium line of cards (Gaming) and with it includes a slight overclock out of the box. The main difference between the FE cards and this offering is the Tri-Frozr Thermal design/large heatsink that MSI put on this card. Between its raised clocks and monster cooler, we are hoping to see better overclocking and performance from this card. Read on to see the results of our testing!

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