IBM takes on JEDI

@ 2018/10/12
IBM is challenging the US Defence Department’s decision to turn to a single provider for its $10 billion department wide cloud computing infrastructure which has the Star Wars name JEDI.

IBM has filed a pre-award bid protest with the Government Accountability Office, which rules on bid protests.

JEDI calls for the creation of a huge cloud computing system that can enable new weapons capabilities and store classified data. The JEDI cloud will absorb some of the Pentagon’s existing efforts and is considered a “pathfinder” that the Defence Department will build upon for decades.

Whichever company is awarded the contract will not only receive billions of dollars in federal funding but also will have a strong foothold from which to compete for other opportunities.

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, IBM and Oracle are expected to compete for the opportunity. Amazon is considered a front runner for the contract because it has been the CIA’s primary cloud service provider for years.

Google has given up because Jedi breaks its rules on doing too much business with the dark side of the force.

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