Intel 10nm shipping inside of NUC

@ 2018/10/11
Crimson Canyon

A certain number of Intel NUC SKUs have 10nm processors inside and they are codenamed Crimson Canyon. This was confirmed to us by Brandt Guttridge, general manager of desktop product marketing, at the last Intel desktop event and the only other notebook machine that features 10nm is the Lenovo Ideapad 330 notebook, available only in China.

The China version of Ideapad 330 is 2.1 KG machine powered by Core i3 product formerly known as Cannon Lake 10nm. This is a dual-core mobile chip with four thread support and clock speeds of 2.2 GHz base and 3.2 GHz maximal turbo frequency. This is a 15W TDP part without GPU. in China still carries this machine and it sells for 3399 Yuan, an equivalent to 425,37 Euro / 490.88 USD. The machine is powered by Radeon 540 and WIndows 10 Home.

The Crimson Canyon NUC parts have been listed in Europe at quite a steep price but still not available for purchase. It is not surprising that NUC8i3CYSM NUC is using the same CPU8121U CPU 10nm Canyon Lake and Radeon R540. It looks like the dual core with four tread Core i3 doesn't really have the GPU. The NUC system comes with 8GB RAM, 1TB drive the CPU below as well as Radeon 540 graphics, Windows 10 Home and is listed for 570 Eur while the version with soldered 4GB of RAM starts at 521 Euro. One of the retailers claims that it might ship them in late October, so in the next two weeks.

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