ione Titanium Series Professional Server Case

@ 2005/10/12
I've had plenty of cases come in for review here at ExtremeMHz over the past couple of years. It is one product I happen to enjoy reviewing. However, while some looked impressive in pictures, I've been more than disappointed with most that have made their way in for review. I've found that a majority simply skimp on both quality and features and tend to focus a little too much on appearance. Tom, our head reviewer, can attest to this I'm sure. This is why I'm always on the lookout for select few cases that may impress in all areas. That's where the ione Titanium comes in. While most may not be familiar with ione, they happen to be a division of MGE, a company that has gained the interest of many gamers and PC enthusiast over the past year. Unlike MGE though, ione is primarily set to target the sophisticated 20-45 year-old demographic group that demands style, reliability and performance. The Titanium Series certainly does fit this bill, and thanks to the folks at Geeks, I have the pleasure of giving you a detailed look at this quality product.

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