X1800 XT Crossfire may require 800w

@ 2005/10/10
As you have probably read in the reviews, the new ATI X1000 series require a lot of power. We’ve learned that the X1800XT is a power pig, it can use up to 270w at full load. A typical AMD64 based system requires around 200w in a good case scenario. Two X1800XT cards in Crossfire could demand up to 540w, add this to a normal system power requirement and it could easily reach 740w or more if you use any extra devices.

If you are planning to go with Crossfire and two X1800XT cards, make sure you get a really good power supply. I doubt if there are many 800w power supplies on the market yet but if we know the power supply manufactures, it shouldn’t take long for them to arrive.

Comment from jmke @ 2005/10/10
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/10/10
Please delete/Ignore the news post regarding: "X1800 XT Crossfire may require 800w @ NGOHQ". The results are false due defected equipment. We are investgating and checking it out.
Their acknowledgment of error.
Comment from jmke @ 2005/10/10
the simply answer is: they are wrong

Comment from Sidney @ 2005/10/10
This I have to see it myself; or some detail product review.