mobiBLU DAH-1500i 1GB MP3 player

@ 2005/10/01
So why do I have an MP3 player now? I’ve been going to the gym lately
and the in-house music is usually playing pop or hip-hop. At first I
wanted to get a cheapo radio just to get by. But YucA from the forums
directed me to a site showing the mobiBLU DAH-1500i. It’s a very small
MP3 player in a cube casing. It measures about an inch on all sides,
making it really small compared to other players. I like very small
things, especially if they are functional. The DAH-1500i, despite its
size, can hold a max of 1GB. By then I thought this would be the MP3
player I would finally get myself.

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Comment from The Senile Doctor @ 2005/10/02
very special little thing : 24x24x24 are unbelievably great dimensions